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Sep 29

[ARCHIVED] Tech Tuesday: Print From Anywhere: Laptop or Computer

The original item was published from October 17, 2017 to September 29, 2021 7:20 PM

Did you know you can print from your laptop while at the library? With our Print From Anywhere feature you can.

You can even print from your computer at home or anywhere, then pick it up at the library during normal business hours. The cost is the same as if you were printing from a library computer: $.20 per black & white page and $.40 per color page.

Here’s how you do it:

Please note: this feature is currently available only at the Morgan Memorial and Chuckatuck locations.
1. Go to Suffolk Public Library's website and click on How Do I...
2. Then click on Print From Anywhere.
 3. Then select the library location you want to print to (Morgan Memorial or Chuckatuck).
 4. On the new page that pops up, select Black & White or Color.
 5. Then enter your email address.
 6. Then either choose the file you want to print from your computer or enter the URL of the webpage you want to print. To choose a file, click Browse.
 7. Then click the Green print button.
 You'll receive a confirmation number and your print job will be sent to the printer at the library location you chose.
8. At the library, you can release your print job at the public printer. Simply enter your email address on the computer at the printer station, select the print job(s), click the print button, click the square button for Pay from Vending Device, enter your money in the vending device, and finally click Ok to release your print job. You have until close of business the day you print to print your job. 
 Library staff are always available to help you through this process. Be sure to check out the next Tech Tuesday post to find out how you can print from anywhere using your mobile device. See you at the library!

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