See YOU at the Library


See YOU at the Library encourages people to connect to reading by finding titles that relate to them in identity and experiences and by exploring diverse titles that reflect our diverse population in Suffolk. Throughout the year we will host themed events and create book lists showcasing titles that reflect our community.

Community Input

Find our See YOU at the Library displays in all of our locations or click here to submit the title and author of a book with which you identify. Submit anonymously or include your contact information to be entered into our monthly raffle drawing for a prize pack of books.

Have a title you’d like to see in our collection? Recommend a title for purchase for consideration.

See You at the Library Diverse People Diverse Reads
Library staff  holding up books behind See You At The Library book display table

Online Engagement

Share your participation on social media using #SeeYOUatTheLibrary and #SuffolkPublicLibrary. Post about a favorite diverse read, take a selfie with a book you feel represents you or check in to our library when you attend one of our classes or events.

Shelf Reflections

Throughout the year we’re asking community members what book they would like to be in and why. Visit our Shelf Reflections playlist to see what people say and check back frequently for even more responses.

What to Read Next

Discover what to read next through our many online tools, explore our book lists or sign up for our new Ready Reads subscription service to have library staff put together a curated book bundle for you each month. Don’t forget to log your books read in January for our Winter Reading Challenge!

See YOU at the Library Title Recommendations

The care and feeding of ravenously hungry girls book cover
shadow girl book cover
aminas voice book cover
the proposal book cover
the prince and the dressmaker book cover
save me a seat book cover
Good Kings Bad Kings book cover
hearts unbroken book cover
dragons in a bag book cover
lovely book cover
a computer called katherine book cover
the song of achilles book cover
song of blood and stone book cover
better nate than ever book cover
infomocracy book cover
love hate and other filters book cover
out of my mind book cover
all you can ever know book cover
rebel seoul book cover
awkward book cover
viva frida book cover
nimoshom and his bus book cover