Adventure2Go Kit


Adventure2Go Kits are quick grab themed adventures in a bag for kids. Each kit contains up to 4 books, a puzzle, and a game and/or activity to support and enhance the kit’s theme. From alphabet to science, the perfect adventure is waiting to be checked out at your Suffolk Public Library.

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Each Kit includes the following themed items:

  • Tote Bag
  • Kit Inventory Sheet
  • One or Two Books
  • And 2 or 3 of the following
    • Game
    • Puzzle
    • Activity


  • A complete list of all Adventure2Go Kits and their contents can be found:
    • On the SPL website
    • In a binder at each library location
    • By searching Adventure2Go in the library catalog
  • Each kit checks out for 3 weeks
  • Kits may be renewed up to 3 times if no holds
  • Kits may be placed on Hold
  • Person checking out kit is responsible for kit and all of its contents
  • Kit must be returned with all of its parts included or replacement costs may be incurred for missing item(s)
  • Replacement cost of kit and individual items based on cost of items in kit
  • No limit on how many kits may be checked out at one time
  • Kits may not be returned in the book drop, they must be returned to customer service desk