Homeschool Hub

About Homeschool Hub

Homeschool Hub is a bimonthly meetup during the schoolyear for homeschooling families in and around Suffolk. We meet at both the Morgan Memorial Library and the North Suffolk Library and offer special hands-on activities designed to enrich your curriculum with a new focus each quarter. While you do not need to be a library member to participate it is encouraged that you sign up for a library card with Suffolk Public Library to give you access to the many free materials and resources available to you. 

2019 Fall Citizenship Session

Our spring session is all about Citizenship! We'll bring in different presenters and even go on a field trip to City Hall to learn about the role of local governments and different departments, and how the city works for its citizens. Registration is recommended but not required for regular sessions. Registration is required for the field trip. Find dates.

Download the Homeschool Hub flyer.

Past Projects

Homeschool Hub kicked off  in the fall of 2017 with a focus on creative writing. Since then sessions have included focuses on creative art, science, and history. We gave students the opportunity to present to the group with our Science Fair and our History Fair.

Meeting Dates

Homeschool Hub meets during the schoolyear, twice a month on Tuesdays at Morgan Memorial Library and twice a month on Wednesdays at North Suffolk Library. Find upcoming Homeschool Hub dates or visit our online calendar for all events. 


Suffolk Public Library offers many resources for homeschooling families to enrich their curriculum. Visit our Homework Help pages for kids and teens to learn even more.