Take Home Tech


Check out the Internet with Suffolk Public Library’s Mobile Hotspot Lending Program! 

Visit the library catalog to place a hold online.

Checkout Period

  • 21 Days


  • Renew up to three (3) times if no one else is waiting.



  • One Mobile Hotspot per household at a time.
  • Coverage depends on the Verizon network so location of the Mobile Hotspot and congestion of the network may affect user experience.
  • Connect up to 10 devices to the Mobile Hotspot.


  • Mobile Hotspots are completely free to borrow!
  • Replacement charges will be incurred if the Mobile Hotspot is lost or damaged.
    • $30 replacement fee for Mobile Hotspot
    • $5 replacement fee for charger/packaging
  • Mobile Hotspots are considered lost at 30 days overdue, and the user will be billed for the replacement fee.
  • After being billed, the user may return the Mobile Hotspot in good, working condition within 30 days and all fees will be waived.
  • At 60 days overdue, the user’s account will be submitted for Legal Collections, following the library’s Circulation Policy.
  • Overdue Mobile Hotspots will be disabled after 72 hours if the Mobile Hotspot is not renewed or returned to the library.

Technical Support

Call the Library at 757-514-7329.


The City of Suffolk (Suffolk Public Library) is not responsible for personal information shared over the Internet or for information and websites accessed using the device, or for any misuse, harm or any other result due to the use of the Mobile Hotspot.

Terms & Conditions

By checking out a Mobile Hotspot, you agree to the terms and conditions.


  1. Who can check out a WiFi2Go device? Mobile Hotspots are available for checkout by those with a valid Suffolk Public Library card in good standing. Parents/guardians are responsible for the use of the Mobile Hotspot by minors.
  2. How much does it cost to check out a WiFi2Go? WiFi2Go's are free to check out!
  3. Where do I bring my WiFi2Go when I'm done with it? Mobile Hotspots must be returned to any Suffolk Public Library location, including the Library2Go. 
  4. What happens if I don't turn it in on time? Overdue Mobile Hotspots will be disabled after 72 hours if the Mobile Hotspot is not renewed or returned to the library. Fees may be incurred.
  5. Does the WiFi2Go device have a built in filter? Mobile Hotspots are not filtered, and it is the user’s responsibility to use the device in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purpose for which it is provided, and not for any unauthorized, unethical, or illegal purposes.

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