Homework Help

With all that happens on a daily basis in the school classroom, sometimes the teacher just doesn't have the time to help every student. Homework Help fills that gap, giving students help when their teacher, or even their parent, is unavailable.

Homework Help Details

  • Provides 3rd-12th graders with additional support in the subjects of reading, writing and math
  • Gives students the opportunity to work with a state-certified teacher in a virtual classroom
  • Allows students to use an online whiteboard and chat window, working one-on-one in real time with the teacher to solve homework problems, edit papers or simply expand on lessons already taught in school
  • Homework Help is accessible at school, the library or from home

Find It Virginia Resources

Find It Virginia offers a multitude of eBooks including a High School Collection, Media Collection and History Collection. Step up your research game with this great tool! Get started here.

Learn a Language

Whether you need extra practice for your foreign language class or want to explore other languages, Rocket Languages can help. With comprehensive multi-media packages you will be speaking and improving your language skills with every lesson by taking part in the modern, everyday conversations that make up their Interactive Audio Course. In addition, you will learn to speak the language naturally with language and culture lessons and you can also build on your vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common words and phrases (and have fun at the same time) with their popular Master Games range.



Research with Literati

Search through hundreds of electronic reference books and view thousands of pages on a wide variety of topics in Literati.

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