Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan (2017-2022)

Library Vision Statement

Create an informed, enlightened, and thriving community where all can achieve their highest potential.

Library Mission Statement

Connect individuals and groups to information, ideas and experiences.

Goal 1: Enhance quality of life by connecting individuals and groups to information, ideas and experiences.

1. Create a mechanism for obtaining ongoing community feedback regarding library programs and services.
2. Provide programs and services that are responsive to the educational needs of youth and their families.
3 Provide programs and services that are responsive to community needs of adults.
4. Provide collections that are responsive to community needs.
5. Educate the community on the wealth of information, ideas and experiences available through the library.

Goal 2: Enhance library facilities to meet the needs of a growing and diverse community.

1. Reconfigure current and design future library spaces to better meet needs of community and staff.
2. Advocate for the technology solutions that best meet the needs of the community for current and future facilities.
3. Ensure facilities are clean, safe, and accessible.

Goal 3: Capitalize on public and private resources to improve and expand library services.

1. Grow internal capacity to expand external financial resources.
2. Develop formal partnerships with community organizations, private sector, educational institutions and governmental agencies
to share resources to effectively achieve common goals.

Goal 4: Cultivate a talented and engaged workforce within the library system.

1. Create clear, consistent policies that are well communicated to staff.
2. Develop and implement a comprehensive training and career development plan for library staff.
3. Foster a collaborative and supportive work environment where each employee’s talents and abilities are valued.

Approved by the Suffolk Library Advisory Board July 11, 2017