Check Out & Notification Procedure

Check Outs, Renewals, & Check Ins

 Item Number of Items
Number of Days
Print and Audiobooks Unlimited 21 Unlimited
eBooks Varies 21 None
eAudiobooks Varies 21 None
eMagazines Unlimited N/A N/A
Hoopla (Downloadable audiobooks, music, and films)  4 Varies None

No Renewals

No renewals for items:
  • If your account has been sent to the City Treasurer's Office, or;
  • If the items are on hold.

Reference Items

Reference items may not be taken from the library.

Other Policies

  • Current issues of periodicals may not be checked out until next issue is available
  • Items may be returned to any Suffolk Public Library location
  • Item Returns are available outside each location 24 hours per day
  • Holds (Requests) for items may be placed:
    • By visiting any Suffolk Public Library location
    • By calling any Suffolk Public Library location (Call 757-514-7323)
    • By filling out one of our online forms
  • Notification of holds is available by email, phone, or text message
  • Items on hold will be available for 7 business days (7 calendar days for External Lockers)
  • Maximum of 3 Claims Returned/Claims Never Had total. Any additional items must be resolved.
  • Lost and damaged items must be completely resolved before account access will be restored
  • All payments are final. No refunds will be given. A receipt will be issued for all payments.

Notification Schedule

Email/Text Notifications (required for using External Lockers):
  • 3 days before due date
  • 7 days after due date
Mail Notifications (sent to everyone):
  • 14 days after due date - Patrons will have 30 calendar days after date of notice to resolve.
  • 30 days after due date - (Pre-City Treasurer Notice) After 14 days, the patron's account will be sent to the City Treasurer's office for legal collections. (City Treasurer's Fee may be added and resolution of issue must be resolved at the City Treasurer's Office)