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Happy Birthday, Mr. Peanut!

Posted by asumner on June 29, 2016

Written by LaSandra Adams, Local History & Genealogy

This year we're celebrating 100 Years of Mr. Peanut with a talk and exhibit at the Phillips-Dawson House on July 12. A great thing about the library is that our local history staff can help you research and discover fascinating facts about the residents of Suffolk, such as the creator of Mr. Peanut. Did you know that in 1916, Mr. Peanut was officially born when Suffolk resident, fourteen-year-old Antonio Gentile, entered his sketches into a contest? One of the sketches from the young Mr. Gentile won the contest. He earned $5.00, and became known as the young boy who created Mr. Peanut.
mr peanut image.jpg

peanut plant.jpgResearching resident history is just one service the library offers. If you're looking to find information about a long lost relative or having trouble locating a news article or obituary that somehow misplaced itself, we're here for you. We enjoy uncovering fascinating facts about the history of Suffolk and its surrounding local areas, and we'll even hunt down pictures of Suffolk's historic sites.  

Schedule an appointment, call us, or stop by the library so that the local history and genealogy staff can assist you with your needs. Who knows what you'll discover next! 

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