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Download eBooks, audiobooks, and eMagazines to your device right now, or stream music, movies and TV shows from our large online collection. If you need personal one-on-one help connecting your device to our services, set up a Discovery Appointment and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you. All you need is your Suffolk Public Library card and PIN to get started.

Beginning April 1, 2017, the monthly checkout limit for Hoopla materials will be reduced to 4 checkouts per card holder per month. This decision did not come easily for the Suffolk Public Library; however we found the change necessary in order to provide the most cost effective resources for our community. Click here to learn more.


Audiobooks are audible versions of best sellers, book club favorites, biographies and more. They are read aloud by the author or another reader. Download audiobooks from the library through our audiobook partners –
RBdigital and Hoopla.

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Download fiction and nonfiction titles for adults, teens and children almost instantly - and for free to Suffolk Public Library card holders. Download to your eReader, phone, tablet, or computer. Suffolk Public Library partners with two eBook providers – Axis 360 and Total Boox. Axis 360 will no longer be available beginning July 31 and you can find your favorite eBooks on the new RBdigital app starting August 1.

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eMagazines are electronic subscriptions to current popular and specialty titles downloaded through our eMagazine partner, RBdigital. Suffolk Public Library offers numerous eMagazines free for downloading to your desktop, eReader, tablet, or phone. Subscribe to as many eMagazines as you like. There is no due date, and you never have to return them. Once you download an issue to your personal device, it's yours to keep. 

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Music/Movies/TV shows

Stream movies, music, TV shows, and audiobooks directly to your favorite device for FREE. From Hollywood blockbusters to best-selling artists and authors, Hoopla offers the hits as well as niche and hard-to-find favorites. Simple to access and use, without the hassle of having to return the items you’ve borrowed, all you need is your library card, a web browser, smart phone or tablet to get started. With Hoopla there is no waiting list.

Discovery Appointments

Suffolk Public Library is pleased to offer Discovery Appointments. Need assistance using our downloadable resources? Request one on one assistance with members of the library's staff via a Discovery Appointment.

Discovery appointments can cover any of the following topics:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Microsoft Office (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, presentations)
  • Internet searching
  • Library resources
  • Genealogy search
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)
  • Usage of patron owned devices such as eReaders, tablets, and smartphones

Discovery appointments policies are as follows:

  • Appointments can be made for 60 minutes.
  • Patrons can book follow-up appointments if needed.
  • Library staff cannot be held responsible for damage to patron-owned equipment.

Please contact us at least one week prior to when you’d like to request an appointment. When emailing, provide a brief but detailed description of your technology needs, your device and operating information, and three dates and times that you’d prefer to meet. We will do our best to accommodate all requests. At this time, we are not able to run diagnostics, troubleshoot (unless it is related to library databases), install software unrelated to library services, or computer maintenance, such as running antivirus scans.

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