Summer Challenge

Circ du Library Summer Challenge
Circ Du Library Summer Challenge 2017

How do you library? 
There are endless ways to use the Suffolk Public Library's services.  Summer is the perfect time to try something new whether it is attending a library program, using our digital services, checking out a book in an unfamiliar genre, or even volunteering your time. Visit the library every week between June 19-August 19 to find a new list of ways to "library." Report which activity you have completed to a staff member and receive a raffle ticket to enter into weekly and grand prize drawings. Be sure to share your progress on social media using the hashtags #ilibrariedtoday or #suffolkpubliclibrary.

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Weekly Prizes:

Week 1: Gift card to Walmart ($50)
Week 2: Gift card to Taste ($50)
Week 3: Gift card to Regal Cinemas: ($50)
Week 4: Gift card to Amazon ($50)
Week 5: Gift card to Walmart ($50)
Week 6: Gift card to the Egg Bistro ($50)
Week 7: Gift card to Applebees ($50)
Week 8: Gift card to Amazon ($50)
Week 9: Gift card to George’s Steak House ($50)

This week's activities:

August 14 - August 19
1. Take a bookface picture and post on social media using the hashtags #suffolkpubliclibrary and #bookface.
2. Check out the item of the week.
3. Post how you “library” on social media using hashtags #ilibrariedtoday or #suffolkpubliclibrary
4. Find our geocache.
5. Find Fred! He’s hiding somewhere in the library.

Track Your Reading
Looking for a way to track your reading or the reading progress of your children this summer? There are some great resources online to help you out. Check out the list below!

Book Adventure: Parents can monitor what their children are reading using this platform and children can take comprehension quizzes to collect points and get rewarded in prizes by the website. For kids in grades K-8. 

Goodreads: You can create an account and put books into categories such as Read, Want to Read or Reading and also put them in subcategories according to genre. There’s a social media aspect where you can chat with other readers or write a review and set up benchmarks for yourself on how many books you want to try to read in a year. It is available online and there is an app as well. 

Libib: A personal library database you can use to track your books along with a mobile app.